About MAPS-AirTech

MAPS-AirTechMehr Azin Pouya Sahand Company (MAPS-Co) is active in industrial projects and business fields. Thanks to his experiences in diverse projects and monitoring the need of industry in air filtration, MAPS Company decided to establish professional branch, named MAPS-AirTech, where we would provide consultancy in projects, products and services that are environmentally friendly. Our services include the following:

  • Engineering services. This includes system engineering (A to Z) for industrial projects.
  • Procurement. We are ready to provide purchasing engineering and prepare inquiries. We are also willing to do local manufacturing and QC inspections.
  • Construction. We at MAPS, provide full range services for erection and commissioning and performance tests.
  • Supervisory. Our experienced professional team provides supervisory services for your current filters and is willing to find innovative solutions to improve the quality and detect flaws of your current systems.

We are proud to participate in the process of avoiding pollution damages to environment to save the earth for our children and also help our customers in all industries to keep active without spoiling the quality of the air and help the earth breathe.
Regarding this aim, MAPS-AirTech conducts very close cooperation with pioneer companies in filtration field and offer professional consultant in diverse projects. We hope that MAPS-AirTech plays his role even very little step towards better future to have fresh air for breathing.