Filter Bags

To control the contamination of air and avoid further pollutions, the use of filter bags is one of the most prevalent methods. For this aim, wide range of design and fabrication of filter bags offer effective solutions for diverse applications like automotive, chemical, electronics, food and beverage, metal working, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical, paint and cement industries. For each application the specific filter bag with special materials are needed such as PTFE, ABP, Woven, Nylon and etc.

Filter Bags Filter Bag

MAPS Co. (Mehr Azin Pouya Sahand Co.)

 Temperature (°C) 

Filed of Application

Scrim and Fibre Type






Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry, Food Industry, Galvanizings, Plastic Production

Polyamide 110 115 Wet Filtration
Polyacrylonitrile copolymer 115 120 Asphalt Mixing Plants, Chemical Industry
Temperature-resistant olefin 125 135 Chemical Industry, Fertilizer Production, Lime Hydration
Polyacrylonitrile homopolymer 125 140 Coal Mills, Power Stations, Spray Dryer
Polyester 150 150 Aluminum Production, Cement Industry, Food Industry, Metal Production, Plastic Production, Wood Processing
Polyphenylene sulphide 190 200 Biomass Incinerators, Metal production, Power Stations, Waste Incineration
m-Aramide 200 220 Asphalt Mixing Plants, Cement Industry, Lime Industry, Metal production
Polyimide 240 260 Cement Industry, Metal Production, Power Stations, Waste Incineration
Premium Fibre Blend 240 260 Biomass Incinerators, Cement Industry, power Stations, Waste Incineration
Polytetrafluorethylene 250 280 Cement Industry, Chemical Industry, Power Stations, Special waste Incineration