Air Filtration Projects

MAPS-Airtech, with the help of its highly experienced and educated technical team, is ready to perform any projects related to Air filtration systems. Years of experience assisting our customers with their air filtration needs has made MAPS-Airtech a pioneer in this field. With the help of our well-known partners, MAPS-Airtech is willing to help the earth breathe.

Our vast experience in this field enables us to offer following services:

  • EPC projects. Our professional engineers are at your service and are ready to run filtration systems (Bag house filters, ESPs, Wet Scrubbers, Dry Fog systems and others) from the beginning of the project till the end (A to Z).
  • Consultation Services for air filtration systems. Choosing the right filtration system will help maximize system efficiency and performance and saves your money. Our experts can help you with whatever you need for all filtration systems and can be your trusted consultant through all projects.
  • Flaw detections and optimizing current systems. Our qualified team is ready for technical inspections, data analysis and giving reports with the aim of optimizing system performance.
  • Supplying spare parts for bag houses, ESPs, Wet Scrubbers and Dry Fogs.

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