Ceramic SandCeramic Sand

Ceramic Sand has lower cost and better performance than Chromites sand and Zircon sand, it will provide the effective ways to improve the quality of the foundry part, reduce cost and friendly to the environment.





The chemical and physical characteristics are

MAPS Co. (Mehr Azin Pouya Sahand Co.) Ceramic Sand
Main Chemical Element Al2O3: 75 % Min
2O3: 5 % Max
: 5 % Max
SiO2: 5~20 %
KO: 1.5 %

: 0.5 %
Ca: 0.55 %
Shape Ball Shape
Bulk Density (g/cm3) 1.95~2.05
Refractoriness ( ̊C min) 1790
Thermal Expansion 0.13 %
pH 7.5

Ceramic Sand has advantages as follows:

  1. Round solid Ball shape: The shape is mostly close to ball shape with smooth surface. It has very good liquidity and easy to fill that it can make perfect surface of casting part.
  2. Lower thermal expansion rate and thermal conductivity.
  3. Lower breakage rate: it has high density and very low cleavage breakage rate. Easily reclaimed, environmental friendly, less dust.
  4. High refractoriness and working temperature: The working temperature is beyond 1790℃ that can make it possible to found most of the metals.